How we Got Here

Ceres Coin LLC formed

December 2017

Following the launch of CoolMellon in 2014, which provided mezzanine debt to real estate developers, CERES Coin was formed to focus strictly on the issues facing the cannabis community. Incorporating the uses of blockchain and cryptocurrency, CERES strives to solve the two major problems facing the cannabis industry, banking services, and security/safety. We are working toward SEC qualification to bring a dual- asset token structure to the market. This system will help eliminate the need for cash in the ecosystem and provide solutions to the issues of raising capital, maintaining transparency, issuing regulation/oversight, and guaranteeing asset security.

SEC Qualification Circular submitted

4th Quarter 2018

In 2017, at the peak of the ICO craze, the team at CERES realized that SEC regulation had to enter the picture for cryptocurrencies to be sustainable. Taking the initiative to do the harder right thing over the easier wrong thing, CERES opted to avoid the ICO mania and engage directly with the SEC to provide a qualified cryptocurrency offering for the cannabis market. Via a Security Token Offering (STO), CERES plans to offer investment opportunities for those looking to add cannabis and blockchain related assets to their portfolios.

Washington State
BETA test initiated

4th Quarter 2018

Engaging with the top producer/processors and dispensaries in Washington St., Ceres plans to launch a beta test proving the capabilities of Ceres as a transactional coin through the cannabis ecosystem. Demonstrating both the ability to transfer both financial exchange as well as an informational transfer for auditing and tax reporting to the appropriate agencies, Ceres hopes to show its efficacy as a medium of exhcnge for this highly regulated, nascent industry.

Illinois Pilot
Program launched

4th Quarter 2018

CERES is planning to launch its Pilot Program in Illinois in Q4 2018. We are actively working with Illinois state regulators (who oversee state banks and credit unions, as well as the 54 licensed dispensaries) and the Directors of the Illinois Credit Union League to develop a blockchain for the legal cannabis industry.  It's an incredible opportunity for CERES to work with regulators, credit unions, and marijuana-related businesses to craft a banking solution while Illinois is still a consolidated market. (We expect Illinois becoming a full adult use state by 2020). More details to follow as the program is built out.

What's Next


1st Quarter 2019

CERES hopes to be one of the first SEC-qualified crypto assets issued. This will include a dual-asset revenue generating system, bridging the two dynamic industries of cannabis and crypto. CERES creates a system for a nascent sector that is in need of compliant payment systems. The combination of the capabilities of the blockchain, crypto assets, and other evolving technologies provide a stable platform for participants within the ecosystem, as well as for individual and institutional access to these new opportunities.


1st Quarter 2019

CERES provides an entirely different investment experience than most crypto assets. CERES hopes see an ROI very quickly. Our supply of underwritten, stable investment opportunities have proven track records and reliable operators. As CERES’ blockchain assets are built and deployed, investors will be able to paritcpate in revenues generated from the CERES loans when they close.


2nd Quarter 2019

During the second quarter of 2019, we plan completing production of the MVP area of CERES and the associated blockchain platforms.


3rd Quarter 2019

In the 3rd quarter, CERES hopes to be fully deployed in Washington State. Eliminating cash between B2C and B2B companies, we also promote easy exchanges, efficiency, and security. Removing cash increases profitability for the operators, improves ease of use for the consumers, increases efficiency, and allows for real-time auditing by regulators, governments, and tax reporters.




Executive Summary


Technical Whitepaper




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